Laser Therapies

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Lasers can effectively reach deep layers of your skin and the cells within them using only powerful light and no incision or injections. At Modern NewSkin, you have several options for laser therapies to improve your skin’s appearance or texture. At the Elk Grove, California, med spa, you can target dark spots, scars, unwanted body hair, and more. To book a laser therapy consultation, call Modern NewSkin, or use the online scheduling tool today.

Laser Therapies Q & A

What are laser therapies?

Laser therapies are treatments that use energy from a powerful laser light, which has a single light wavelength, to stimulate a response of some kind within your skin. Laser lights are focused beams that can target precise areas without harming nearby skin. 

Each time you undergo laser therapy at Modern NewSkin, the laser’s wavelength determines what it does and what it targets. Your provider can also adjust the laser wavelength to be more fitting for your skin type or the color of your skin. 

Modern NewSkin offers various laser therapies using lasers by Candela, which are equipped with many settings to make your treatment as personalized and effective as possible. Your provider tells you how to properly prepare for laser therapies to minimize side effects like skin discoloration or irritation. 


What can laser therapies do?

When you arrive at Modern NewSkin for a laser treatment consultation, your provider asks for specific information about your goals and expectations. Candela lasers are highly versatile, so they can transform your skin in many ways. They can:

  • Remove body hair
  • Treat acne
  • Treat sun spots
  • Treat age spots
  • Minimize scars
  • Tighten your skin
  • Promote skin cell regeneration and remodeling

Compared to other treatment options, laser therapies are popular because they’re noninvasive and safe for most skin types. They don’t involve incisions, injections, or any form of chemical agent to be able to be effective since the light penetrates through your skin. 


What do laser therapies feel like?

Some people hesitate to get laser therapies of any kind because they think they’ll be painful or cause too many side effects. Lasers by Candela are highly advanced and powerful, containing many settings for various treatment goals and skin types. They cause minimal discomfort during treatment, and the procedures are over quickly.

For certain treatments, your provider offers you a topical anesthetic for your skin. It numbs your skin to make treatment more tolerable for you if you’re sensitive to discomfort. With the numbing cream, you’ll feel a similar sensation to a rubber band snapping against your skin as the laser treats you.

You might experience a bit of redness or irritation after a laser treatment. This isn’t usually a cause for concern and should go away within a couple days. 

If you’d like to explore laser therapies for your medspa visit, call Modern NewSkin, or book a consultation online today.